• The origins of the term branding are from the practice of burning an identifying mark on livestock with a hot iron – so you could tell one person’s from another’s.
  • We now like to think of it as impressing your organisation’s image permanently on the mind.
  • That image being what the organisation stands for, what it can do for its customers, and how it is perceived by them. This applies to an organisation as well as its individual products and services.
  • The brand identifies one organisations products and services as different from those of other organisations.
  • We want your brand to be perceived as not only different – but better.

Most providers of Branding Services …..

Offer services for:

  • Logo design
  • Stationery design and printing – Leaflets, brochures, flyers, business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, plus other advertising and promotional material

But we aim to take it to another level……


  • Using a consistent and defined process for identifying your branding needs
  • Acknowledging that many organisations now aim to minimise use of paper documentation by online electronic processing
  • Ensuring that, as well as hard copy documents, all appropriate media are exploited for your business brand – web, search engine optimisation (one of our specialisations), Twitter, Facebook, augmented reality, mobile apps, 2D bar-codes

We want to have not only your brand image but also your customers’ perception of your business branded in their minds and their personal space, media and lifestyle.

What we can do for you.

With the above approach we can:

  • Ensure you have a strong brand for your organisation, with benefits for all stakeholders –customers, staff and investors.
  • Design and implement your brand and logo(s) on stationery and media.
  • Provide you with requested volumes of hard copy items such as stationery.
  • Implement your brand and logo(s) on the electronic media you need.
  • Design and implement your website, incorporating your branding and logo(s).
  • Optimise your website’s performance for web search engines.

The Services.

Logo services

Your logo is aimed at achieving immediate recognition by your customers.

If you are happy with your existing design we can help you to exploit it.

If you need a logo, or a new logo, we will help formulate the concept and work with you to achieve the final result.  Our logo design process requires us to agree a clear idea about the concept, related values and benefits, as well as to have an understanding of the customers at whom it is aimed.

Branding Services

We acknowledge that businesses change and evolve over time. People, processes, products, markets and customers can change. Also the way you see yourselves in your chosen market can change. With this in mind we can help you:

  • Create your initial brand
  • Update an existing brand and how it is used
  • Create a replacement brand

Our hi-tech approach to design helps us to remain innovative and flexible and we work with you to make sure your brand:

  • reflects the nature of your organisation
  • shows what defines your identity
  • portrays how you perceive yourself and wish to be perceived by your customers
  • communicates these in the style of your choice, so as to attract customers to you.

The approach we adopt takes account of proposed and future usage – conventional hard copy plus electronic formats. See also Media Services.

Media Services

Your brand and logo(s) are used in designs so as to have a consistent look and feel. This promotes the overall professional image of your organisation that we wish to portray.

We remain flexible in our approach to design. Each design is unique but can draw on the experience of others for inspiration.

Hard copy

We provide design and print services for all of the normal business stationery items, e.g.

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Compliment Slips
  • Leaflets/Fliers
  • Brochures

We have an easy re-order service for hard copy stationery items.

We can also provide design and print services for:

  • Posters
  • Displays
  • Exhibition Stands (we design artwork for a range of stands)

Electronic Media

  • Websites, incorporating your branding and logo(s)
  • search engine optimisation (one of our specialisations)
  • entries on social networking sites, e.g.  Twitter, Facebook
  • mobile apps
  • 2D bar-codes
  • augmented reality

Consistent Defined Process.

The “consistent defined process” referred to is generic to everything:

  • We discuss your requirements and find out your business needs.
  • An initial design is prepared for you to review and for proofing.
  • Your comments are reviewed and agreed changes are made.
  • This process is repeated till you are happy the design meets your requirements.
  • Once the design is agreed the hard copy or electronic media are produced.
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